Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics (NICFD)


The main objectives of the SIG 49 are:

  • Spread the knowledge of NICFD
  • Bring together under the same umbrella researchers working in NICFD and interested in diverse engineering applications
  • Support the organization of the thematic workshops
  • Provide a platform to exchange information between academia and industry
  • Establish benchmarks for NICFD code validation
  • Establish an education network for undergraduate and graduate students as well as industry practitioners in the disciplines pertinent to NICFD
  • Provide best practices guidelines for NICFD and possibly organize best practice courses following the example set by other SIGs.

In 2016, the first successful seminar on NICFD was organized in Varenna, Italy, where the international NICFD community gathered for two days ( In 2018, the second event of the series took place at the Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany ( In 2020 the NICFD community met at TU Delft for an hybrid conference due to the COVID pandemic ( In 2022, City University hosted the NICFD community in London (

The 2024 edition of the NICFD Seminar is in Lyon, hosted by Ecole Centrale (


Motivation & Landscape:

Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid-Dynamics (NICFD) has recently been established as a sector of fluid mechanics dealing with flows of dense vapours, supercritical fluids and two-phase fluids, whose properties significantly depart from those of ideal gases. NICFD flows occur in numerous heterogeneous industrial applications, such as unconventional turbomachinery (ORC turbines, scCO2 compressors), combustors operating with supercritical fluids, heat pumping systems, and in many chemical processes.

During the past years, the community of scientists engaged in NICFD has consistently grown. In Europe alone, active research groups in the field are present in Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and France, to name a few. SIG 49 is intended to promote the exchange of scientific information, to encourage and consolidate the interaction between NICFD researchers and professionals, with a special emphasis on the progress in research, development, and applications of the topics related to the field of propulsion and power. NICFD themes range from the theoretical foundations to advanced numerical and experimental practices and applied technologies. 

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5th International Seminar on Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics (NICFD2023)

ERCOFTAC SIG49 Seminarium 30th - 31st October 2024 Lyon, France Location: Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France Organisers: SIG49 Coordinator: Alexis Giauque, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France Co-chairs: Christophe Corre, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France Alberto Guardone, Politecnico di

30 Oct 2024

4th International Seminar on Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics (NICFD2022)

ERCOFTAC Seminar 4 th International Seminar on Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics (NICFD2022) 3rd - 4th November 2022 The registration for the conference is now open and can be completed here:

3 Nov 2022

3rd International Seminar on Non-Ideal Compressible-Fluid Dynamics for Propulsion & Power (NICFD 2020)

3rd International Seminar on Non -Ideal Compressible-Fluid Dynamics for Propulsion & Power (NICFD 2020) Date: 29th - 30th October 2020 (scheduled as planned, but in a hybrid form (both in presence and remotely) Location: Delft, The Netherlands Organisers: Dr Matteo Pini SIG: SIG49; SIG51

29 Oct 2020

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News of SIG49 NICFD

The Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics published a review paper by SIG49 members: Alberto Guardone, Piero Colonna, Matteo Pini and Andrea Spinelli, entitled " Nonideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics of Dense Vapors and Supercritical Fluids" Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 56:241-269

29 Jan 2024

Seminar NICFD 2022 - Report

4th International Seminar on Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics for Propulsion & Power (NICFD 2022) - Summary Report The 4th International Seminar on Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics for Propulsion & Power (NICFD 2022) took place between the 3rd and 4th November 2022 at City,

23 Feb 2023

Bulletin 124

Bulletin 124, September 2020 The new issue of ERCOFTAC Bulletin has been released ! Table of contents is available here

2 Nov 2020

This year we celebrate 30 Years of ERCOFTAC

In 1985 a group of leading European Fluid Mechanics experts started to discuss steps for initiating strong interaction and cooperation between Research and Industry in Europe. Initially their idea was to create a European Research and SuperComputer Centre, but they found that this was not

2 Nov 2018

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