ERCOFTAC Workshop Series

Direct and Large Eddy Simulation (DLES)

The bi-annual Workshop series on Direct and Large Eddy Simulation (DLES) which started in 1994 focuses on modern techniques to simulate turbulent flows based on the partial or full resolution of the instantaneous turbulent flow structure. With the growing capacities of modern computers, this approach has been gaining more and more interest over the years and will undoubtedly be further enhanced and applied. Techniques of hybrid modelling based on a combination of LES and RANS approaches also fall into this category and are covered as well.
Goals of the Workshop:
The goal of the workshop is to establish a state-of-the-art of DNS, LES and related techniques for the computation and modelling of turbulent and transitional flows. The broad range of featured topics for every edition of DLES would be:
• LES Fundamentals
• LES modeling
• Quality of LES
• Numerical techniques
• Heat & Mass transfer
• Biological flows
• Multiphase flows
• Industrial applications
• Environmental and geophysical applications
• Reacting flows and combustion
This gathering of specialists in the field will be a unique opportunity for discussions about recent advances in the prediction, understanding and control of turbulent flows in academic and industrial applications.

Past Events:

  • DLES 6
  • DLES 5
  • DLES 4
  • DLES 3
  • DLES 2
  • DLES 1