ERCOFTAC Members :Course & Seminar Payment Process


To register and pay, we require a name and physical address where e-invoice can be sent. We also require the name and email address of the delegate.

Furthermore, to receive member fees, we require a valid Membership ID.

The Members Fee : €570

Method of Payment

There are two methods:

1. Bank Wire Transfer:

We issue an invoice, then one pays via the bank.

2. PayPal

PayPal issues a receipt to the user, which need to be submitted to Admin as proof of purchase.

Using PayPal imply there are charges and costs to us, in addition to the above fees.

Hence, we add these charges as follows:

Members: €570 >>> €589

Receivables in time

We anticipate that all invoice payments are received prior course attendance. However, we have some leeway, which is that a maximum period extending 3 weeks after course complettion is a hard limit, and thereafter, we will initiate penalty charges.

Cancellation Charges

Please note as per our terms and conditions the cancellation charges apply:
90 day prior event - 30% of the fee per person;
60 day prior event - 50% of the fee per person
30 day or less prior event - full fee per person

For further assistance please contact:

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ERCOFTAC Members - Course & Seminar Payment Process