ERCOFTAC Association

The ERCOFTAC Association was created as an International Association
with Scientific Objectives according to Belgian law in 1988.

Vision Statement

  • To be a key global association of research, education and industry groups in the technology of flow, turbulence and combustion.

Mission Statement

  • To define a strategy for research, education and knowledge sharing in flow, turbulence and combustion, with the aim of improving quality of life and generating wealth.
  • To strengthen the research base in order to improve the quality and relevance of its output for the industry and governments.
  • To provide members with access to all sources of useful information on flow, turbulence and combustion.
  • To be influential on funding agencies, governments, the European Commission and the European Parliament.
  • To be a focus for contact with non-European groups.


  • Promote joint efforts of Research Institutes and Industries who are active in all aspects of Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, with the object of exchanging technical and scientific information concerning basic and applied research, and the development, validation and maintenance of numerical codes and data bases.
  • Stimulate, through the creation of Special Interest Groups, well-coordinated research efforts on specific topics in flow, turbulence and combustion.
  • Stimulate the creation of advanced training activities in all fields related to flow, turbulence and combustion.
  • Promote industrial application of the research by means of new kinds of collaboration between Industry, Governments, Professional Societies and Research Institutes.
  • Promote Centers, called ERCOFTAC Pilot Centres, in several European countries to act as centers for collaboration, simulation and application of research.
  • Promote the establishment of an ERCOFTAC structure, composed of a network of regional units, composed of research groups and industry, under the form of PILOT CENTRES, involving scientists and engineers active in the field of flow, turbulence and combustion.
  • Establish and promote contacts with the International Community in the field of flow, turbulence and combustion.