Technology Awareness Seminar:
Microfluidics and Microheat

Venue: Philips Applied Technologies, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Date: Wednesday 11th of November 2009


The development of microscale systems has been growing rapidly, making manyengineering applications possible. It is now commonly accepted thatminiaturization associated to microtechnologies will give birth in thenear future to new objects which will affect industrial practice andour daily life in any aspects.

There is no end to the field of application, from basic mixing, to compact heat exchanger, chip cooling in electronic devices, microreactors, biological systems and beyond.This field represents one of the best arenas for innovation and the emergence of green technologies, without incurring a large capital cost, as demonstrated by Lab on Chip technologies.

The aim of the seminar is to deliver a set of presentations that captures much of the aforementioned in the field of microfluidics and microheat, with emphasis on technologies that are amenable to early industrial R&D cycle. Therefore, the talks will indicate present level of research with a speculative view on what the future holds, with practicability bourne in mind. At the end of the day, the delegates are offered a tour of the facilities.