Technology Awareness Seminar:
Advances in Mixing and Combustion

Architectures, Measurement Techniques and Numerical Modelling 

  • 8th April 2009 

    GE Research Centre, Munich, Germany


  • ERCOFTAC is proud to announce a seminar on ‘Advances in mixing and combustion: Architectures, measurement techniques and numerical simulations’ as part of the ERCOFTAC Technology Awareness Programme.

    The impact of climate change on the environment and the debate on available fossil fuel resources have created constraints for the combustion engineering community, and motivated the development of new methodologies and technologies. ERCOFTAC has drawn upon its worldwide network of academic and industrial experts to provide a seminar that introduces new developments and ideas that can then be deployed in an industrial R&D cycle, across a myriad of applications in the combustion engineering sector.

    The seminar aims to give a balanced presentation of present and future trends in architectures, measurement techniques and numerical modelling methods that can be used to address future challenges, and so result in viable energy efficient commercial products, with enhanced productivity and quality. The seminar is aimed at engineers and technical managers, and is relevant to a wide range of industrial sectors including: aerospace, automotive, chemical, process, and power generation.

    ·         Architectures

    o        Fractal architectures - Recent research has shown that fractal architectures can generate specific laminar/turbulent flow fields for enhancing mixing and combustion. Such systems have a diverse set of characteristics resulting with a wide spectrum of applications.

    o        Lean burner technology for aero-gas turbines – Due to the stringent and challenging future constraints on exhaust emissions, we will highlight novel ideas that will be beneficial in future engine designs.

    o        Fluidic devices for flow control and combustion - Applications of these devices for flow separation control and combustion management in gas turbines will be presented.

    ·         Measurement Techniques  The state-of-the-art in measurement techniques to aid R&D and the development of numerical models will be presented.

    ·         Numerical Modelling

    o        Basics of turbulent mixing and combustion modelling (premixed and non-premixed)

    o        DNS simulation of turbulent flow fields generated by fractal architectures

    Numerical modelling of the turbulent flow field inside gas turbine combustors and engine exhaust mixers

  • Speakers 

    • Mr. Emad Gharaibah,
    • GE Power, Germany.
    • Prof. Jim McGuirk,
    • University of Loughborough, UK.
    • Prof. Ananias Tomboulides,
    • University of Western Macedonia, Greece.
    • Prof. Christos Vassilicos,
    • Institute of Mathematical Sciences, IC, UK.
    • Dr. Mike Kearny,
    • AriFractals, USA. 
    • Dr. Kevin Menzies,
    • Rolls-Royce, Bristol, UK.