High Order Methods for Industrial CFD

November 3-4 2016

 NUMECA, Brussels, Belgium

Coordinator: Prof. Charles Hirsch

Prof. Em. Vrije Universiteit, Brussel,

President, NUMECA int’l



As the industrial use of CFD continues to expand in daily engineering design and development, Industrial CFD still faces many challenges, especially its efficient use in a multidisciplinary design optimisation (MDO) environment. Therefore, to successfully manage the complex processes leading to a robust MDO methodology,one has to address the issue of reliability of the CFD predictions.

A major step in that process is the numerical scheme. High Order Methods (HOM) for CFD modelling have seen increased levels of interest, due to their potential to deliver higher accuracies on a given mesh. Various methods of the spectral type, such as Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) or Flux Reconstruction (FR), open the way to a new frontier in Industrial CFD, both for steady RANS models as well as high fidelity LES/DNS simulations.

The course aims to assess  how High Order Methods could impact general Industrial CFD in the near future.  Although the impact of HOM for RANS simulations has still to be confirmed, the impact on unsteady simulations, such as LES/DNS is already considered as significant.

The delegates will be eased into the topic with a series of applications and the associated underlying methods. The main focus of these applications will be on providing a clear explanation of how HOM can deliver higher accuracy in shorter timescales,  allowing the participants to evaluate the potential of HOM for the next generation of CFD tools.

The course will have a series of Q&As in order that the knowledge and techniques provided are well observed,leading to capability in implementation.


Prof. Charles Hirsch (Coordinator), Numeca Int'l, Belgium

Prof. Norbert Kroll, DLR, Germany

Prof. Francesco Bassi , Univ. Bergamo, Italy

Dr. Peter Vincent, Imperial College, UK

Prof. Jean-François Remacle, University of Louvain, Belgium

Dr. Frédéric Chalot, Dassault Aviation, France




ERCOFTAC Members, €595, Non-Members €895

PhD Students: Members, €440, Non-members, €595

Fees cover course material, refreshments and lunch.

Please note fees do NOT cover accommodation