OFTAC Autumn Festival and 13th Da Vinci Competitio
n 2018


Scientific Program Thursday, October 18, 2018

9:00 Registration and Coffee

9:15 Welcome and Opening Session

  • Krzysztof Lewenstein, Vice-Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology
  • Stefan Hickel, Chairman of the Scientific Program Committee (SPC)
  • Wolfgang Rodi, 30 years of ERCOFTAC

10:00 Room 4.07 Session 1

10:00 Tomasz Bobiński : Beyond a laminar regime – droplet interaction with air boundary layer

10:20 Tomasz Wacławczyk :On a relation between the sharp and diffusive interface models

10:40 Marek Jaszczur, Janusz S. Szmyd : Direct numerical simulation of the fully developed non-isothermal particle-laden turbulent channel flow

11:00 Coffee Break

11:20 Room 4.07 Session 2

11:20 Sławomir Dykas : On transonic flow research with condensation

11:40 Artur Tyliszczak : Flow control in jets

12:00 Paweł Flaszyński: Numerical simulations for A320 profile in wind tunnel – test section design for the EU H2020 project SMS "Smart Morphing & Sensing for aeronautical configurations”

12:20 Lunch

14:00 Room 4.07 Session 3

14:00 Stanisław Gepner, Nikesh, Jacek Szumbarski : Hydrodynamic instabilities and chaotic mixing in corrugated ducts

14:20 Krzysztof Marchlewski, Łukasz Łaniewski-Wołłk : Gaussian process models in simultaneous aerodynamic optimisation and uncertainty quantification

14:40 Łukasz Łaniewski-Wołłk : Efficient parallelization of CFD optimization with Adjoint Lattice Boltzmann method

15:00 Coffee Break

15:20 ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Competition

15:20 Alejandro Alvarez Laguna: Multi-Fluid Modeling of Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Partially Ionized and Laboratory Plasmas

15:40 Mark L. McAllister: Analysis of Laboratory and Field Measurements of Directionally Spread Nonlinear Ocean Waves

16:00 Markus Schremb: Hydrodynamics and Thermodynamics of Ice Accretion through Impact of Supercooled Large Droplets: Experiments, Simulations and Theory

16:20 Lorenzo Siconolfi: Stability and Sensitivity Analysis for Flow Control

16:40 Xiaojue Zhu: Taylor-Couette and Rayleigh-Bénard Turbulence: the Role of the Boundaries

17:00 Refreshments; the ERCOFTAC da Vinci Jury retires

17:30 ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Award Ceremony

18:30 Dinner at restaurant Warszawski Sen by Mateusz Gessler (Koszykowa 63, Warsaw)

AGENDA - Administrative Program Friday, October 19, 2018

9:00 Scientific Program Committee (SPC) and Knowledge Network Committee (KNC) meetings in parallel

11:30 Short break (refreshments will be served during the meetings)

11:40 Joint SPC and KNC meeting

12:40 Lunch

14:00 Managing Board meeting

16:30 General Assembly

17:00 Closing

Date: 18/10/2018 - 19/10/2018

Organiser: PC Poland

Coordinators: Jacek Shumbarski, Slawomir Kubacki

Location: Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics. 

Address: Warsaw, 24 Nowowiejska Str.


Venue: Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of Warsaw University of Technology Warsaw, 4 Rektorska Str. Room 4.07