Bulletin 94

Plasma Aerodynamics

PLASMAERO European Project
D. Caruana, C. Tropea, C. Hollenstein,J-P Boeuf, E. Moreau

Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators
E. Moreau, A. Debien, N. BENARD, T. Jukes, R. Whalley, K.S. Choi, A. Berendt, J. Podlinski and J. Mizeraczyk

Nanosecond Pulsed Plasma Actuators
N. Benard, E. Moreau, N. Zouzou, H. Rabat, J. Pons, D. Hong, A.Leroy-Chesneau,,  P.   Peschke and C. Hollenstein

The Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuator for Separation Control
D. Caruana, J.P. Cambronne, P. Barricau and  A. Belinger

Numerical Modelling of Plasma Actuators
K. Kourtzanidis, F. Rogier, G. Dufour, J.P. Boeuf and T. Unfer

Coupling CFD with Advanced Plasma Models
J.C. Kok, P. Catalano, K. Kourtzanidis, F. Rogier and T. Unfer

Trailing-Edge Separation Control of a NACA 0015 Airfoil Using Dielectric-Barrier-Discharge Plasma Actuators
R.D. Whalley, A. Debien, J. Podlinski, T.N. Jukes, K.S. Choi, N. Benard, E. Moreau, A. Berendt, J. Mizeraczyk

Mid-Chord Separation Control Using PSJ and DBD Plasma Actuators
M. Forte, A. Debien, D. Caruana, N. Benard, P. Barricau, C. Gleyzes and E. More

Fully Separated Flow Control Using DBD Plasma Actuators Located at the Leading Edge of an Airfoil
A. Leroy, P. Audier, D. Hong, J. Podlinski, A. Berendt, and J. Mizeraczyk

Wing Tip Vortex Control by Plasma Actuators
P. Molton, A. Leroy-Chesneau, J. Pons, Y. Carpels, P. Barricau, C. Gleyze, M. Forte and D. Caruana

Boundary Layer Transition Control with Steady and Unsteady DBD Plasma Actuation
M. Forte, A. Seraudie, O. Vermeersch, A. Kurz, S. Grundmann, C. Tropea, J. Pons, and A. Leroy

Attentuation of Noise from an Airfoil Equipped with a High-Lift Device Using Plasma Actuators
P. Chen, X. Zhang, S. Chappell, Z. Cai, and D. Angland

High Voltage Pulsed DBDd Effects on the Aerodynamic Performances and on the Shock Buffet
A. Marino, P. Peschke, F. De Gregoriio, P. Leyland, P. Ott, C. Hollenstein and R.S. Donelli

Unmanned Air Vehicle for Plasma Flow Control
W. Friedrichs, S. Grundmann, C. Tropea


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