Bulletin 88

Multipoint Turbulence Structure and Modelling

Multipoint Turbulence Structure and Modelling
C. Cambon

Kolmogorov’s Theory: K41 or K62?
W.C. McComb

Interfaces in Turbulence and Implications for Advanced Modeling Methods
I. Eames, J.C.R. Hunt, M. Braza, C.B. da Silva, J. Westerweel

Advances in Structure-based Modelling
S.C. Kassinos, H. Radhakrishnan

Modelling Approach to Velocity and Scalar Gradients and Increments
A. Naso, A. Pumir, C. Cambon, F. Godeferd

Advances in RDT and DNS for Coupled Effects of Shear, Rotation and Stratification
A. Pieri, C. Cambon, F. Godeferd, A. Salhi, T. Lehner

Statistical Theories of Turbulence: Non-Gaussianity and Coherence
W.J.T. Bos, R. Rubinstein

Turbulent Rotating Convection: Desktop Geophysics
R.P.J. Kunnen, H.J.H. Clercx, B.J. Geurts

Axisymmetric Theory and DNS in Rotating, stratified, and MHD Turbulence
F. Godeferd, C. Cambon, B. Favier, A. Delache


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