Bulletin 84

Fibre Suspension Flows

Editorial - Fibre Suspension Flows
F.Lundell and J. Hämäläinen

DNS of Non-Spherical Particles in Turbulent Flows
H.I. Andersson and L. Zhao

Electrical Resistance Tomography Technique in Pulp and Paper IndustryL. Heikkinen, J. Kourunen, P. Paananen, K. Peltonen, J. Käyhkö & M. Vauhkonen

On the Flow Behaviour of Wood Fibre Suspensions
A. Jäsberg

Fibre Suspension Rheology Research at VTT
A. Koponen

Streak Formation and Fibre Orientation in Near Wall Turbulent Fibre Suspension Flow
M. Kvick, K. Hakansson, F. Lundell, L.D. Söderberg and L. Prahl Wittberg

Eulerian Approach to Model Fibre Orientation and Fibre Flocculation in Papermaking
H. Niskanen, T. Hämäläinen and J. Hämäläinen

Orientation of Fibers in Different Contraction Profiles
M. Putkiranta, H. Eloranta, T. Pärssinen T. and P. Saarenrinne

Modelling Fibre Suspension Flow Using a Continuum Approach Experimental Characterization and Simulation
M.G. Rasteiro, F.A.P. Garcia, P.J. Ferreira and C.A.F. Ventura 


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