Bulletin 82

Dispersed Multiphase Flow

Dispersed multiphase flow: From microscale to macroscale numerical modelling
M Sommerfeld

Direct numerical simulation of high Schmidt number mass transfer from air bubbles rising in liquids using the Volume-of-Fluid-Method
A Alke, D Bothe, M Kröger, B Weigand, D Weirich, H Weking

Analysis of the behaviour of cylinders in homogeneous isotropic turbulence by Lattice-Boltzmann-Method
A Hölzer, M Sommerfeld

An immersed boundary method for interacting particles
B van Wachem, J E S Oliveira

Modelling hierarchies in dispersed multiphase flows
A Nicolle, I Eames

Point-particle DNS of suspended sediment transport
L M Portella

Measuring and controlling  local segregation of dispersed particles in turbulent flows
A Soldati, C Marchioli, M Campolo

Investigation of the Langevin model parameters in non-homogenoeus turbulent shear flows
A Taniere, B Arcen, B Oesterle

Validation procedure for Discrete Particle Simulation of turbulent twoi-phase flows with droplet coalescence
D Wunsch, P Fede, O Simonin

Stochastic dispersion modelling based on the RANS approach for a particle-laden flow
S Horender, M Sommerfeld

Aerodynamics of large non-spherical particles
M Mando, L Rosendahl

Segregation of inertial particles in turbulent flows: The application of the full Lagrangian method
M Reeks, R I Jzermans, E Meneguz

A diffusion-inertia model for simulating dispersion of aerosol particles in turbulent flows
L I Zaichik, N I Drobyshevsky, A S Filippov, R V Mukin, V F Strizhov 



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