Bulletin 78

Environmental Fluid Mechanics

B J Geurts

LES for modelling the urban environment
I P Castro, Z-T Xie

LES based urban dispersal predictions for consequence management
F Grinstein, R Bos, T Dey

Atmospheric turbulent reacting flows influenced by shallow cumulus: A large eddy simulation study
J Vilà-Guerau de Aurellano, K van den Dries

On LES of particle laden flow: The effect of the subgrid scale turbulence
C Gobert, A le Duc, M Manhart

Numerical modelling of particulate matter behaviour in urban ground surface boundary layer
J Pospisil, M Jicha

3D-2D transition in inhomogeneous rotating turbulent flow
B Lüthi, M Kinzel, A Liberzon, M Holzner, C Tropea, W Kinzelbach, A Tsinober

DNS and LEIS of air-sea exchange mechanisms
D Lakehal

Large eddy simulations of environmental shallow water coastal flows
V Armenio, F Roman

Coherent flow structures in shallow mixing layers
W S J Uijttewaal

On the flow of natural clay suspensions over smooth and rough beds
J H Baas, J L Best 


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