Bulletin 66

Design Optimisation

R. Schilling, F. Menter

Adjoint Flow Solvers for Aerodynamic Shape Optimization
N.R. Gauger

Design Optimization Tools Based on Evolutionary Algorithms, Computational Intelligence and the Adjoint Method
K.C. Giannakoglou, A.P. Giotis, M.K. Karakasis, D.I. Papadimitriou, I.C. Kampolis

Transonic/Supersonic X31 Planform Optimisation by Evolutionary Methods
W. Haase, J. Grashof

Multi-Objective Aerodynamic Design Optimisation for Axial Compressors
T. Kipouros, D. Jaeggi, B. Dawes, G. Parks, M. Savill

Fast-Multidisciplinary-Multipoint Optimization of Turbomachines
R.A. van den Braembussche, Z. Alsalihi, T. Verstraete

A Fast and Robust Adaptative Methodology for Design under Uncertainties Based on Dace Response Surface and Game Theory
C. Poloni, V. Pediroda, A. Clarich

Design Optimization of Francis Runner Based on Nurbs Surface Parameterization
L. Ferrando, F. Mazzouji, J.L. Kueny, F. Avellan

Turbomachinery Optimization Using FINE/Design3DTM
A. Demeulanaere, A. Ligout, C. Hirsch


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