Bulletin 60

Numerical Simulation of Complex Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows Problems
T. Bodnar, K. Kozel, I. Sladek, Ph. Fraunie

Formulation of Lagrangian Stochastic Models for Geophysical Turbulent Flows
A. Maurizi, F. Tampieri

Inertial Instability in Oceanic Flows
J.L. Pelegri, M. Auladell, A.W. Ratsimandresy, P. Sangra, E. Garcia-Ladona

Analysis of the Vortices and Associated Phenomena in the NW Mediterranien in 1996-1998
A. Platonov

Macrovortices-Induced Mixing in Coastal and Riverine Environments
L. Soldini, A. Piattella, M. Brocchini, A. Mancinelli

Turbulent Mixing in the Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer
C. Yagüe, G. Morales, J. Cuxart, E. Terradellas

Fractal Aspects of Environmental Turbulence
J.M. Redondo, J. Grau, V. Nieves, I.A. Tabaszewski