Bulletin 56

Complex Flow Problems

I.Eames, J.C.R.Hunt

Using Wake Disappearance to Guide CFD of Tube Bundle Flows
C. Mouline, J.C.R. Hunt, F.T.M. Nieuwstadt

CFD and Complex Flows Through Multiple Bodies
Ian P. Jones

LES of Flow Over Multiple Tubes
T. Stoesser, F. Mathey, J. Froelich, W. Rodi

Screening Mechanisms and Induced Agitation to Bubbly Flows at Finite Particle Reynolds Numbers:

Experiments and Preliminary Modelling Attempts Using Hybrid Approach
A. Cartellier

Flow in Sparse Arrays of Random Cylinders at Moderate Reynolds Numbers
H. Nepf, B. White

Velocity Fluctuations Induced By High-Reynolds Number Rising Bubbles:

Experiments and Numerical Simulations
F. Risso, D. Legendre


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