Bulletin 26

Aerodynamics of Steady State Combustion Chambers and Furnaces

Numerical Simulation of Low NOx Buerners: A practical Tool for Industrial Design
P. Flamant

Simultaneous Velocity and Temperature Measurements in a Non-Premixed Bluff-Body Flame
F. Neveu, F. Corbin, M. Trinité and M. Perrin

A Modelling Approach Devoted to Turbulen non-premixed Combustion in Gas Burners
L. Fallot, M. Obounou and M. Gonzales

Application of a Combined PDF/Finite Volume Scheme on Turbulent Methane Diffusion Flames
M. Nau, A. W?lfert, U. Maas and J. Warnatz

Analysis of Two Concepts of Turbulent Non-Premixed Combustion Modelling
J.C. Ferreira, M. Schlatter, J. Gass

Numerical Studies of Practical Devices with Prediction of NOx
S. Dalsecco, D. Garréton, J.D Mettéi, M. M?chitoua, O. Simonin and M Ouraou

A Semi-Implicit Algorithm for Treatment of Complex Reaction Schemes in CFD Codes
G. Marotti, S. Pasini and A. Tozzi

Predictions of Turbulent Jets in Diffusion Flames
H. Sanders, B. Sarh and I. Gökalp

Soot and NOx Formation in High Temperature Furnaces
G.P. Boertsoel, T.H. van der Meer and C.J. Hoogendoorn

Numerical Investigation of a Turbulent Piloted Jet Diffusion Flame
T.W.J. Peeters, J. Mantzaras, D.J.E.M. Roekaerts and C.J. Hoogendoorn


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