Progress in Wall Turbulence: Understanding and Modeling

Series: Proceedings of the WALLTURB International Workshop held in Lille, France, April 21-23, 2009


Stanislas, Michel; Jimenez, Javier; Marusic, Ivan (Eds.)

Series: ERCOFTAC Series, Vol. 14

  • Material presented is original and rich;
  • Physical understanding and modeling by different approaches in one workshop;
  • Some of the WALLTURB results presented are a breakthrough in the field.

This book brings together selected contributions from the WALLTURB workshop on ”Understanding and modelling of wall turbulence” held in Lille, France, on April 21st to 23rd 2009. This workshop was organized by the WALLTURB consortium, in order to present to the relevant scientific community the main results of the project and to stimulate scientific discussions around the subject of wall turbulence. The workshop reviewed the recent progress in theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches to wall turbulence. The problems of zero pressure gradient, adverse pressure gradient and separating turbulent boundary layers were addressed in detail with the three approaches, using the most advanced tools. This book is a milestone in the research field, thanks to the high level of the invited speakers and the involvement of the contributors and a testimony of the achievement of the WALLTURB project.

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