ERCOFTAC Spring Festival  & Committees Meetings 2013

held jointly with

Turbulence and Internal Waves in Mediterranean Sea, TURBINTERMED

Venue: Palais de Congres de Toulon, Toulon, France

9-11 April 2013


ERCOFTAC Committees Meetings, 11 April 2013

Venue: Faculte De Droit , Univ du Sud, Toulon

Room 221 and Room 223

(each room capacity : 48 seats)

ERCOFTAC is pleased to invite its members to the Spring Festival and Committee Meetings, which will be held at Le Palais de Congres de Toulon, France, 9-11 April 2013. The festival has been organised jointly with TURBINTERMED, where on the 10th of April, ERCOFTAC will coordinate with TURBINTERMED workshop a set of pertinent presentation on topic progress under FTAC, delivered at the Palais de Congres de Toulon.

On the 11th of April 2013, the ERCOFTAC Committee Meetings will take place in the morning, at the Faculty of Law, a short distance walk from Le Palais Neptune. ERCOFTAC Committees Meetings are the Scientific Programme Commitee, Industrial Programme Committee (soon to be known as the Knowledge Network Committee, KNC), and in the afternoon, the Executive Committee meeting.

Also, we anticipate that the ERCOFTAC dinner, evening of 10th April, will be held at Le Zinc Restaurant.

MINUTES OF MEETINGS (available from Monday 18 March 2013)

All minutes pertaining to the above committees meetings are available from the following contact:

Please print your own copy, as there will be limited number of hard copies available at the festival.

Registration of Interest

Please register your interest with, Ms Magdalena Jakubczak,, by no later than 25 MARCH 2013.

Please note: We have a global package, per registered member, to allow access to the TURBINTERMED workshop, gala dinner ( 9th April 2013) , lunches, refreshments, and accommodation (please see below)

Fee registration:

3 days and 4 nights : € 370

3 days and 3 nights : € 300

2 days and 3 nights : € 270

2 days and 2 nights : € 200

2 days and 1 night : € 150

3 day and 2 nights : € 170

1 day and 1 nights : € 100

1 day no hotel : € 50.

"day" means lunch, dinner and refreshments.

Accommodation: All members are anticipated to register at the below hotel, however, final calculations are in progress in order to determine the global package per delegate, wrt accessing the workshop, gala dinner, evening of 9th April 2013, lunches and refreshments. So, please watch this space, or we can provide e-updates, for those that registered interest in attendance.

However, as a general guidance we have the following current fees:

- €100 / delegate, (Room, breakfast, lunch, refreshment and gala dinner)

- €70 / delegate per extra night (without lunch and dinner)

Hotel IBIS 


Toulon can be accessed by air and rail. Travelling by air, the main connection is Paris Orly, and Not CDG. Marseille and Nice Airports have a direct flights to EU Cities.Train timetables from Nice and Marseille can be found here There are buses and trains from Toulon Airport and town centre.


Palais de Congres de Toulon, Toulon, France

Organising Committee

ERCOFTAC  - Prof. Bernard Geurts, U Twente, NL,

Med Inst of Oceanography AUM-USTV-CNRS-IRD, Profs Anne Petrenko, Philippe Fraunie

IRPHE - Prof. Fabian Anselment, France

Ecole Central Lyon - Prof. Claude Cambon, France

Univesitat Politecnica de Catalunya - Prof. Jose Manuel Redondo, Spain

Czech Technical University Prague - Prof. Tomas Bodnar, Czech

Preliminary Programme