15th SIG33 ERCOFTAC Workshop


Progress in Flow Instability, Transition and Control

June 28-30, 2023

Alghero, Sardinia, Italy


The 15th SIG 33-ERCOFTAC Workshop belongs to the successful series initiated in 1999 in Toulouse. The purpose of the present workshop is to provide a forum where new ideas and concepts on flow instability and control can be openly discussed.




  • Linear stability approaches, modal and non-modal theories, etc.
  • Effect of stochastic and deterministic excitations, receptivity, etc.
  • Nonlinear effects, "exact coherent structures", edge states, etc.
  • Control, estimation and compensation, etc.
  • Optimal and suboptimal control, experimental approaches, etc.
  • Reduced order models, etc.



  • François Gallaire, EPFL (Link)
  • Peter Jordan, Institute Pprime (Link)
  • Olivier Marquet, ONERA (Link)
  • Taraneh Sayadi, Sorbonne University (Link)



workshop website

For details of workshop please visit www.ercoftac-sig33.conf.kth.se

Programme and book of abstracts

Book of abstracts and workshop programme can be found here.


Franco Auteri (Politecnico di Milano)
David Fabre (IMFT)
Flavio Giannetti (Univ. Di Salerno)
Ardeshir Hanifi (KTH)


Progress in Flow Instability, Transition and Control 2023
Reference: W2023-04

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