13th Da Vinci Competition 2018

18th October 2018

Markus Schremb - winner of
13th Da Vinci Competition 2018


Dr Markus Schremb (Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany)
Hydrodynamics and Thermodynamics ofIce Accretion through
Impact SupercooledLargeDroplets: Experiments, Simulations and Theory


Xiaojue Zhu (Universiteit Twente, The Netherlands)
Taylor-Couette and Rayleigh-Bénard Turbulence: the Role of the Boundaries

Alejandro Alvarez Laguna (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
Multi-Fluid Modeling of Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Partially Ionized and Laboratory Plasmas

Mark L. McAllister (University of Oxford, UK)
Analysis of Laboratory and Field Measurements of Directionally Spread Nonlinear Ocean Waves

Lorenzo Siconolfi (Università di Pisa, Italy)
Stability and Sensitivity Analysis for Flow Control




Date: ERCOFTAC Autumn Festival 2018, 18th - 19th October 2018
Hosted by PC Poland: University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland